Sound Fundamentals


We seek opportunities possessing sound business fundamentals that position the company for sustainable growth.


Operational Excellence


We engage in collaborative partnerships across all stakeholders to drive superior results. No individual too big, to detail too small.


Accelerated Growth


Active recapitalization strategies combined with exceptional operators and leadership drive accelerated value creation.



Our core values underpin our approach to investments and relationships:



Earnest collaboration drives positive and lasting partnerships to achieve stronger teams, nimble strategies, and value-accretive solutions.



From the investment process to active operations, all projects receive the same steadfast commitment and thoughtfulness.



At our core is an entrepreneurial spirit. Our creative mindset and broad vision allow us to discover new potential and superior results.



A principled and transparent approach bolsters effective communication and guides our investment and operational actions.


Coley Frucci



Mr. Frucci specializes in investments, team management, business optimization and turn-arounds. He leverages his extensive experience as a senior executive across global sales, marketing and operations teams.


Mr. Frucci received his MBA from Kellogg School of Management and BBA from National-Louis University.

Patrick Reynolds



Mr. Reynolds specializes in acquisitions, capitalization strategies and financial leadership. He leverages wide experience across private equity, real estate, healthcare, manufacturing and technology industries.


Mr. Reynolds received his MBA from Collins College of Business and BBA from University of Notre Dame.





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